Superhero Me



If you’re a superhero strife lover like I am, you probably fantasized yourself as a superhero. You in that killer uniform, cool/catchy name, and possessing ultimate super powers. As youngling, I’ve had these creative thoughts ever since I watched my first Batman vs. Robin (George Clooney version). My super powers have upgraded as each superhero movie came out including only the good not the bad.




Living in DTLA (downtown LA) there are a large amount of skilled street arts in almost every corner. While visiting my best friends building I stumbled upon this masterpiece. Captain America Civil War was painted on the wall!! It was pure epic masterpiece! Not just one superhero but a whole squad of them. I was overcome with acute nostalgia of my superhero wishing days and shot this look.



Superhero Me– My superhero uniform will be my comfy chic T-shirt dress. Effortlessly chic + easy-to- wear with a touch of edgy wrapped around in a soft leather harness. Thigh high socks to keep my legs warm and protected.  Grungy chic moto combat boots to kick doors down and fight crime all day. Bleached blonde hair to attract. Repping GRILLED CHEESE, my strength booster like (spinach to Popeye) simple because nothing like carbs + ooey gooey cheese can’t fix. Topped off with mirrored sunglasses so them villains can’t see me and reflect on themselves.









Location: DTLA

Images by: AC

Outfit Details:

Private Party Grilled Cheese T-Shirt OLD (similar here, here, and more choices here)

Jakimac Wrap Around Harness 

American Apparel Cotton Thigh High Socks

UNIF Crank Buckle Cleat Ankle Boot 

ZeroUV Inner Rimmed Mirror Coated Flat Sunglasses










Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls… accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction… Chemical X ..thus the Powerpuff Girls were born- Powerpuff Girls Narrator



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