Hellooo It’s Me

12.31.15 (Best Firework Show Below ^^)

Last day of 2015! In the blink of and eye another year went bye!     Reflecting on how much I have progressed, there’s always a weird feeling at the end of the year. Reminiscing the highs and lows during the past year thinking if I could have done better in any way…

No matter the outcome of past decisions, nothing positive comes out from discouraging yourself. Stop wasting time dwelling on what we should’ve, could’ve, would’ve done. Transformation begins with reflection, we learn our personal limits and set our mark for ourselves.

A new year means NEW goals, wishes, hopes, ambitions, promises, and resolutions you set for yourself to improve personal growth. We live our lives by how we determine it.

Fireworks are Always a Good Idea – Best!

There’s always something good that comes out of every experience. Good times become good memories. Bad times become good lessons. You can never lose, you only grow from life.

– Ryan Ferreras


2015 was a year of milestones for me. I had my share of up and downs which helped me mature for the better. Broke out of my comfort zone and challenged myself for bigger & better. Highlight of this year has to be the birth of my blog which I can say is now my personal space. I pledge to enhance and cultivate my blog! I can only go up from here #wayupIfeelblessed  




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