Bohemian Girls’ Next Door Prudent Ways

Living in sunny L.A. all my life, I feel fairly spoiled for the great weather we enjoy minus the possibility of earthquakes. We get a lick of sweater weather (fall & winter) then we’re back to being infamous sunny Cali. This weather situation has me shopping for different season clothing at all the different times. In the fall/winter I’m shopping for summer sale clearances, and during spring/summer I’m looking for fluffy winter clothing deals. My friends say I’m always too ahead or far behind the season style schedule.

Tips to living in L.A after the images >.<






From a self-proclaimed bargain shopping princess, thrift adventurer, designer deal seeker, sale-addict sweeper,  vintage treasure hunter-self. To save money and get the best deals, shopping off season is key. All clothing brand/stores have huge sales when transitioning to the next season,  clearing out past season styles to make space for upcoming seasonal clothing. Best time to buy classics never go out-of-styles are in off seasons, for those not so basic basics & clothing you can wear year long. (Ex. Solid colors, stripes, plaid, and all of the above etc.) Mother Nature likes to play tricks at times so when she’s having fun, we can too by enjoying our discounted splurges randomly… I’ll admit that it’s hard to pass on a cute sweater when it’s cold outside so unless it’s a “I need it now or I’ll forever regret it” moment, I fight the urge and go home to think about it (passionate run-on sentence moment haha). Some urgent trendy splurges are needed from time to time since WE ALL DESERVE a few to add excitement & pleasure in our lives!!





My Tribute to Summer is of this top I recently purchased from Colors of Aurora. I’ve been on the hunt for an off the shoulder boho lace top like this since the beginning of summer, but haven’t found the right one due to overall fit, material, and especially cost. My baller side wanted to splurge and get one from Revolve Clothing, because I ALWAYS seem to deserve it.(hehe) However, my budget side told me that I should fight this urge and be patient for price drops. Soon after, I was able to purchase my top in month of September similar to the one I’ve been dreaming about for a fraction of the price which makes it sweeter & prettier.

Patience is a virtue and this one was a hard one as I LOVE off shoulder tops. I feel as off the shoulder tops make any woman look effortlessly sexy and chic. It’s a style that can only we worn by women, drawing attention to our neck & shoulder than the boring boob. (haha) My interpretation of the Bohemian Girl’s Next Door Top is of my favorite purchase this summer.







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Photos Taken By: Tokimonstar

Outfit Details:

Colors of Aurora Boho Lace Off Shoulder Top, (similar here)

 Zara Bleached Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

 Anthropologie Tan Suede Booties

Moderniquestyle Gold Dainty Necklace

Classic Hermes H bracelet, SPLURGE moment I scored on Fashionphile

ZeroUV Cat Eye Sunglasses

[Chanel Classic Mini Flap, Ebay steal]

[Red Bandana Self-Made Wrap Bracelet, 99 cent store]



May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

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