PEPERO DAY 11/11 Another Guilt-Free Love Exchange

DIY Pepero Love

Pepero Day is a “LOVE” holiday similar to Valentine’s Day celebrated in South Korea on November 11. In the states we know November 11 as Veterans Day, but for my fellow South Koreans its’ more known/celebrated as Pepero Day. Pepero Day is celebrated on 11/11 because the lines resemble the stick biscuit snack AKA Peperos. On this day Pepero is exchanged to show ones’ affection to lovers, friends, and family. The myth of Pepero Day originally started as an exchange between two friends hoping to be thin & tall just like the snacks themselves. Taking this idea further some extremists believed one must eat 11 packets of Pepero on November 11 at 11:11 am/pm on the 11th second exactly. (I would be one of these extremists only if this was true haha >.<) Regardless of the myth behind it, Pepero Day is a fun tradition to enjoy with loved-ones and friends. Pepero now comes in a variety of flavors other than the original chocolate covered ones. This treat is tasty and budget friendly averagely costing $1per packet of Pepero treats. I personally love to celebrate Pepero Day with my close friends, loved-ones, and people in my surroundings with yummy Peperos. Another day besides Valentine’s day where we can exchange love & thanks towards each other and not feel guilty eating chocolate!! hehehe

Please enjoy~ My first Vlog on DIY How to Make your own Pepero (the easy way). These can also be made for Valentines’ Day, Bridal Showers, Parties, and etc. Please be nice its’ my first amateur video! Now Watch Me ~~



Eight Interesting Facts About Pepero Day!

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