Emoji is worth Many Words (💯😎💰)

Emojis- “picture” (e) + “character” (mojo), originally meaning pictograph, are a fantastic way to add personality & emotion into a regular text conversation. Expressing ourselves through emoji images have become fun in technology & mostly social media. It boosts up any conversation and conveys the right mood of the text. Emojis have helped me be more expressive in a fun way to show my #currentmood.

I want to admit that I am a proud emoji addict and am embracing this addiction one text at a time.

To check if your an Emoji addict like me, take the test! ! Addict or Not Addict?

Ever wondered what these emoji pictures really meant? No worries, I got you…

Click the link to Emoji meanings + an Emoji keyboard for your computer! 💟  IEMOJI

“A picture is worth a thousand words” 

Since I can’t express my GIVEAWAY in a picture… Scroll down a little more!!

I got the chance to work with a new upcoming street wear company called Unbounded who specialize in limitless graphic picture-perfect image tees. I linked up with my close friend Christine Kang and created a Emojified Basketball Mesh Crop Ribbed Tank. We designed, fitted, structured, and creatively directed the top from beginning to end and can call this our first baby together. The challenging part was only being able to choose a few emojis to pull the look together with the details added. The three we chose are the top trendiest/used emojis and happened to be on our personal top list of emojis as well so we were very satisfied.

💯  😎  💰

Hope its’ fun to look at this hipster sporty top as it was for us to make them. Comment below and tell me your opinions on the overall top. Also Giveaway details below!! 😊

[Denim Shorts & Basketball Mesh Crop] Look 1

This is my summer take for this top… Paired with One Teaspoon Bonita shorts which I got for a great deal at Nastygal. Draped over with a thin knit cardigan, perfect for summer days/nights (I wore in my previous post as well). It is really the perfect summer cardigan to drape yourself with but not sweat in. Not shown but had on Sam Edelman Adora Black Brahma slip on sandals which are the comfiest sandals I own next to Birkenstocks. Kate Spade NY Spades Bangle in red on my left arm that I got for a super discount at the Kate Spade outlet where I buy all my Kate Spade items. VIta Fede Matte Black two-tone Titan Bracelet that I scored at at thrift shop for a fraction of the price. My tortoise animal print cat-eye inspired glasses from Ebay I like to rock at times with no makeup. Finished with MAC Rebel red lippie I love to put on when I don’t have much make up on to complete the look.




  Outfit Details:

[Unbounded Emojified Basketball Mesh Crop]

[Nastygal, One Teaspoon Bonita Cutoff Shorts 1955]

[Cotton ON, Thin Knit Open Long Cardigan]

[Kate Spade NY Spades Bangle Red, Left Arm]

[Vita Fede Matte Black Two-tone Titan Bracelet]

[Ebay, Animal print Cat-eye glasses]

[Rebel MAC lippie]

[Joggers + Basketball Mesh Crop] Look 2

This is my sporty take of this top. This top was intended for the sporty girl in all of us. Sporty wear have become more trendier making it desirable to wear everyday even when not working out. Paired with CottonON black jogger pants, which are my go to lazy fashionable comfy pants. Tied around the waist is Unholy Grail winged white hoodie jacket I hauled at a thrift store. ZeroUV tortoise round aviator shades to cover my no make-up face. Air Jordan Retro 4 kicks that make any outfit fly!



IMG_8415 IMG_8416

Outfit Details:

[Unbounded Emoji Basketball Mesh Crop]

[Cotton ON, Black Joggers]

[Air Jordan Retro 4, Kicks]

[Unholy Grail White Wings Hoodie Jacket, Vintage Store Haul]

[ZeroUV, Round Aviators Sunglasses]


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  2. Follow Unboundeds Instagram @unbounded.usa
  3. Tag 2 friends
  4. Enjoy these baddies

Entry & winner will all be done through Instagram. XOXO

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