Good F*ckin Vibes

Blessed by perfect Cali weather, my best friend¬†Susan¬†and I enjoyed a great beach bum¬†moment the past weekend. We ate Quality Seafood¬†and caught up each others’ lives at Redondo Beach. I am¬†very thankful¬†of our relationship as we meet through our exes but both made an effort to retain our relationship and flourished. We strive to always give each other encouragement and positive energy. It’s very important to surround yourself with people that help/motivate you to improve in life as a whole. I am forever grateful for true friends of¬†“quality not quantity” whom are there through thick and thin, not only when its’ convenient. Friends don’t always have to agree with your opinions but they will give you true advice that you may never think of. I am old school when it comes to connecting with friends and love to meet face-to-face and enjoy their vibe¬†and energy.






“The most beautiful discovery friends make is¬†that they can grow separately without growing apart” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† – Elizabeth Foley


[Beach Bummers’¬†Blue Hues]

For my beach bum day out I wore this dolman dip-dye crop top from Always Me Clothing. I personally love the dip-dye/tie-dye look and the wording “GOOD F*CKIN VIBES” just completes this look. Perfect top for a beach day out when you wanna show some skin but not too much. Love how you can style this top in so many ways (off shoulder, tied on the bottom, boat-neck, etc.). Mainly wore this top because “GOOD F*CKIN VIBES” describes me and Susan’s relationship. Never a¬†dull moment even when we’re not doing much. I’ve learned over the years friends are about quality not quantity. A toast to all the Good Fuckin Vibes peeps out there!!!

Layered with a¬†Cotton On thin knit cardigan, perfect for summer days/nights. I purposely buy these styles a size larger to make it more loose for the¬†hobo-me.¬†Let¬†my¬†bed hair loose for the beach bum “long hair don’t care” look. Carried my Alexander Wang Brenda bag¬†influenced¬†splurge purchase¬†by Rihanna’s chic ootd¬†posts with this beau. Purchased at a thrift store for less than half the price plus, SCORE!! Which makes¬†it that much more sweet!¬†Comfortable in my Birkenstock slip-on I’ve been wearing more as they have molded to¬†my feet. Strapped on with Missguided¬†Caged Bralette to accentuate my versatile top. Making a statement with my mirrored blue ZeroUV sunglasses I’ve come to enjoy¬†for their style & affordable price. Draped in different blue hues with a great somber blue background to match.

Did it myself cut off Levi’s jean shorts with DIY steps below… Enjoy LūüíôVES!!


Photos Taken with IPhone By: Susan Tran

Outfit Details:

[ Always Me Clothing Good Vibes Top]

[Levis DIY Shorts, read below]

[ Missguided, Caged Bralette]

[CottonON, Thin Knit Open Long Cardigan]

[ZeroUV, Blue Mirror Sunglasses]

[MyKitsch, Beyond the Stars Y necklace]

[Alexander Wang, Brenda bag]

DIY Cut Off Shorts (the budget-friendly way)

Who doesn’t own or need a pair of cut off denim shorts? The popularity for these lovelies are endless, I for one have become part of this denim cult. THEHALAWAY has made some simple steps to ease your mind and wallet your own cut off shorts at a super affordable price.

Disclaimer: These DIY steps were created by thehalaway for the NEED of cut off shorts and luckily having too many unworn jeans taking up space (bargain shopping addict symptoms). These steps worked for me but may not work for everyone, but they will surely save you money and style on a budget.

Gather your girlfriends/family and have a DIY cut off shorts party!!

Materials needed: Pair of jeans, scissors, fun attitude

  1. We all have a¬†pair of jeans that we own but have seem to neglect due to trends and just ends up taking space in our closets. If you don’t have a pair lying around we will go SHOPPING(yay)!! Tip: If you haven’t worn a certain pair of jeans within the year you probably won’t wear them anytime soon.
  2. For those of you who don’t have a pair laying around to spare, we’re going to go thrift shopping! One of the best items to buy at a thrift store are denim. Try on a pair and prioritize the fit from mid-thighs and above, I personally like a snug fit that’s not too tight. Our goal is to make great shorts on a budget so try out your local thrift, vintage, bargain store and coping a pair.
  3. Grab a pair of your favorite shorts and place the shorts on top of the jeans. Cut the jeans matching to the shorts length, I personally like to add a few inches (1-3 inches) and cut less making the new shorts longer. (Reminder: you can always cut more slowly but can’t glue back the pieces that you cut too much) so better safe than sorry cut little by little to get the desired length. ** If you don’t have a favorite pair of shorts you can fold the jeans in half and start cutting the half off. Then cutting up every 2 inches up till it gets to the length desired.
  4. Try the new cut shorts on after you have trimmed them off and choose a desired length that suits your needs. I like to keep my shorts a bit longer (4 inches below the crouch). By keeping them at this length I can wear three styles: 1. the rough cut off shorts, 2. MId-WAY- Fold them up once to show a few treads with clean bottom ends 3. fold the ends up 2-3 folds and make them into shorter shorts with clean end bottoms (without loose treads). Refer to the pictures below
  5. Voila! You have DIY simple wallet friendly shorts! There is no need to purchase ridiculously priced shorts when its so easy and fun to make them yourself. Gather your girlfriends and make it girls night in project that may turn to a GNO on the town with these irresistible hot shorts!¬† -With Love ūüíô –
1. Rough Cut Loose Treads
1. Rough Cut Loose Treads
2. Mid-Way Few Loose Treads with Clean Bottom Ends
2. Mid-Way Few Loose Treads with Clean Bottom Ends
3. Folded Shorter Shorts Clean Bottom Ends No Loose Treads
3. Folded Shorter Shorts No Loose Treads with Clean Bottom Ends

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