Model Off-Duty Looks

Models have been adorned for their casual daily street styles off the runway AKA “Model Off-Duty Look”. Their off duty street styles are what we really love to see for casual inspiration. The cool carefree yet effortlessly chic look that just astonishes us as much as their runway styles do. Leaving us to question how they are stylish at all times, questioning if these outfits are meticulously planned!

My personal tips to achieve the Off-Duty Model Looks..

[Boyfriend Tee & Ripped Jeans] Look 1

The infamous Missguided Jourdan Boyfriend T-shirt which became a hot commodity when first publicly worn by the lovely Jourdan Dunn herself. Jourdan wore the tee to a publicized event and soon had Naomi Campbell & Cara Delevingne asking via Instagram where they can cop one themselves (Glamour article). The tees quickly sold out and eventually came back in stock where luckily for deal seekers like me had a chance to purchase on sale ($10). The perfect boyfriend tee for my Model Off-Duty lookbook (the shirt says it all). Paired with Zara Skinny Stretch Jeggings with ripped knees which makes the outfit more young & playful. Accessorizing with a long gold chain necklace with a clear gemstone pendant found at the local flea market. Let the hair loose for the rolled out of bed look (literally hehe) & put on BB cream+SPF with Karen Walker Harvest shades. Finished with my favorite Chanel Espadrilles, purchased after months of saving (a splurge I deserve >.<)!

Signature way: Balenciaga Classic City Bag in black, infamously known as THE hobo bag for their free shape, long leather tassels, and buttery leather. My first designer purchase at college after researching for that one black bag that I will take to my grave. Prices were lower then, but if its’ still an “IT” bag its’ worth the investment. Love how the slouchy leather shape makes any outfit so elegantly chic and light to carry (my #1 go-to bag).





Photos Taken By: Tokimonstar

Outfit Details:

[ Missguided Boyfriend Tee , sold out ]

[ Zara Skinny Ripped Stretch Jeggings ]

[ Chanel Canvas Espadrilles– splurge moment / alternative here ]

Clear Gemstone Pendant Long Gold Necklace– flea market piece / similar here ]

[ Karen Walker Sunglasses ]

[ Balenciaga Classic City Bag ]

[ LBD + Pointed Slip Ons ] Look 2

Went eye-shopping at Free People (FP), and  browsed through their amazing new fall collection and older styles. Couldn’t pass up a LBD with thin cutout details that caught my eyes (love at first sight). The LBS (little black slip)  which I soon figured out, was made with breathable not sheer fabric perfect for the summertime. Love how this slip can be worn as is or layered. Freed the nipple (no bra) for this look to show the intricate cutout details which created essential side boob action. Paired it with Vince pointed slip-ons to elongate my legs and same vintage gemstone pendant necklace from Look 1. Tied my hair in a messy bun with natural makeup (BB cream & light pink blush) and a statement making pair of ZeroUV sunglasses.

Signature way: The iconic Chanel Classic 2.55 Mini Flap Bag which is worth the investment. Tucked in the straps to carry as a clutch. Lucky enough to buy it at a discount at Fashionphile.

IMG_4884 IMG_4882 FullSizeRender(9) IMG_4878



Photos Taken By: Tokimonstar

Outfit Details:

[ Free People Slip ]

[ Vince Pointed Slip Ons ]

[ ZeroUV Sunglasses ]

[ Chanel Classic Mini Flap ]

Clear Gemstone Pendant Long Gold Necklace– flea market piece / similar here ]

THE HALA WAY Tips to achieve Off-Duty Model Look:

Skin: Models have flawless skin because they take care of it so well. Have a skincare routine and stick to what works for you. Only you can control & maintain your skin so take care of it well! (no laziness allowed)

My Personal Advice:

  • Always apply SPF before leaving the house, make it part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth. I never leave the house without SPF, the sun causes heavy skin damage when unprotected (especially in California). It’s always easier to prevent skin damage than repairing after. Look for an SPF (sun protection factor) product that contains more than +30 SPF with PA++ (UVA protection).
  • Try to exfoliate at least 1-3 times a week(depending on the sensitivity of your skin do less), other times a gentle foam cleanser should be fine. Washing your face twice, morning and night is ideal.
  • Apply light moisturizer or BB cream instead of heavy makeup for the daytime. I prefer to use a BB cream that contains high SPF. There are many tinted moisturizers these days that does the trick to provide foundation & SPF.
  • IMPORTANT: It is very important to wash off the makeup on your face than putting it on. Take time to wash your makeup off and get it baby clean. I like to rub generic moisturizing cream to my skin and massage my face, then wipe it all off with make up removing towelettes. A light wash after to clean off all products.
  • At times I apply facial masks or night cream before sleeping. Try not to apply something every night as it is good to let the skin breathe naturally.
  • Try to sleep at the “Beauty Hour” the optimal time between 10PM to 3AM. Melatonin known as the sleep horomone makes their way through our bodies rejuvenating our skin by scooping up free radicals and repairing damage. WebMD also states that,”we should go to bed at 10 pm because our body was designed to sync with the cycles of nature, including daylight and darkness, with the optimal time for sleep falling between 10 pm and 6 am.”

Makeup: Models are selling an image on the runway which is achieved with make-up. Off-duty models sport a natural look with minimal to no make-up. This is needed to maintain their perfect skin so they can let the skin breathe when they’re not being photographed. Light makeup will consist of tinted moisturizers/BB cream, lip balms, and eye makeup preferably eyeliners, eyebrow, or mascara. When sporting the no makeup look just have a cool shade to cover the face in a cool fashion.

Key Element: A cool chic pair of sunglasses that pulls the whole outfit together into perfection.

Clothes: Models are humans just like us and like to wear comfortable casual clothing on their down-time. Unlike many of us, their jobs are to wear ill-fitting yet uncomfortable clothing for a living. Off-duty models styles’ consists of many outfit staples we have in our own closets. Coordinating these looks is the key, from everyday basics that fit well and clothes that aren’t too tight fitting. My favorite look staples are the boyfriend tee, boyfriend cardigan, trench coats, off shoulder tops, t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, loose sweatshirts, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, capris, joggers, and not too short or tight shorts. Hence models will have designer “IT” signature items they will put together with casual outfits.

Jewelry: Have a few statement pieces that you can easily move in, nothing too big or costume. Depending on the the type of jewelry you like to wear make it your signature piece. A few bangles as arm candy, a necklace, and rings. Dainty jewelry are the fad these days, which I am very drawn to myself. Personally a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, so dainty jewelries are perfect to add to any wardrobe to give it a subtle touch.

WORK IT!: The most important of this somewhat long list of tips is CONFIDENCE. Have confidence and love yourself! No slouching allowed, walk the model-walk and work it like life is the runway. Having confidence is more beautiful than any outfit put together. LOVE YOU 💗💗! 

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