All Women Bodies Aren’t Created Equal

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Image via Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville & their ONE SIZE concept are having negative effects towards women self-esteem…

I fell in love with the ONE SIZE concept after acquiring a few Brandy Melville pieces (Love at first sight). Shopping seems easier when there is only one size as an option. I later realized the ONE SIZE FITS ALL concept wasn’t the greatest of ideas. This was personal experience for me when I gained my Freshman 15 & had to donate my beloved $$$ Brandy’s… Brandy’sONE SIZE seem to be fitting for girls who wear a size Small/Medium (which they claim on their website now) which is not the average size of MOST women. I still LOVE all of Brandy’s clothing I’m just very hesitant to purchase before trying them on…

Image via Anum Rubec via Summer x Skin (click image to direct to her blog)

Brandy Melville did change their fit to ONE SIZE FITS MOST & also advising on their website that their clothing fits a small/medium which helps A LOT!! Still and always a Brandy fan, but just wanted to share this article I found very interesting. In conclusion, the ONE SIZE concept if not done “right” can denote negative indication on women’s self-esteem & body dissatisfaction.

Image via Brandy Melville
Image via Brandy Melville

I came across a greatly executed article about how “One Size Fits All” Actually Looks on All Body Types.  (by Candace Lowry)

This article is both visually amusing & daring, as they had 5 women try on different “ONE SIZE FITS MOST” pieces to see how well they would fit on their different body types. I really applaud these beautiful ladies for being a part of this article and making it a fun to read. Hopefully you all enjoy this article as much as I did! (viewed by + 7 millions)

Image by Macey J. Foronda via Buzzfeed

A few memorable quotes from the ladies:

Allison: “There’s clearly no such thing as one size fits all! Everyone has a different shape, and clothing stores should embrace that instead of making people feel shitty for not being able to fit what they deem to be a universal size. ‘One size fits all’ sends a message that if you don’t fit into the clothing, whether it’s too big or too small, you’re not ‘normal,’ and leads to all sorts of body dissatisfaction.”

Lara: “It made me sad to realize that I felt better about myself when I actually could fit into these clothes. That’s not how I should feel about clothing. When I couldn’t fit, I felt sad. But why? No one body is the same, and that’s how it should be. We’re all different, so the idea of ‘one size’ for all of us is just absurd. DIFFERENT BODIES, UNITE!”

Candace: “It’s really hard to not be able to fit into clothes that should fit everyone, especially when I’m not even considered ‘plus-size.’ It’s difficult to label clothes as one size fits all when all women are not created equal, physically. Instead of trying to fit into what someone considers the perfect size, I would rather celebrate my unique size and wear clothes that fit me beautifully rather than approximately right. Trying on some of these clothes unexpectedly made me upset and shameful of my body, which shouldn’t ever happen.”

Sheridan: “I get that the makers of ‘one size fits all’ probably see the average girl as a certain size and a certain height. But the problem is that there is really no such thing as the average girl. You could be the same height as someone but a different size, a different weight, a different body type, and more. I’ve never been one to get upset about sizing and the controversy behind it, but shit like this makes me angry. Am I not allowed to be part of the ‘all’?”

Kristin: “As weird as some of the design choices were on some of the garments — why did that super-flowy tee have such tight sleeves, again? — I was amazed at how well some of the stuff fit me. Still, I don’t think these clothes are so much ‘one size fits all’ as much as they are ‘one size fits a mystery size, to be revealed when you actually try it on.’ That said, that purple diaper was weird, and no one should wear it.”

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