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thehalaway #77

Make em “Hate to see you leave, but Love to watch you walk away.”


TOBI, is an online design label based in my hometown Los Angeles. With LA as their  inspiration, they bring the casual, cool, and sexy attitude of the city into every one of their  products. *Warning* Caution when going on their site! Too much good stuff overload!

Collaborated with TOBI to create some classic staple #ootd that can be lead onto summer nights. Lover of ALL styles that have casual fronts and a back surprise. Every woman needs a little black dress in their closet, said every woman ever. I personally have one too many, but whose counting? Went the non-traditional (LBD) route and created a lookbook according to style code thehalaway#77.

LBD – the little black dress 




                          Buttercup Dress c/o : Tobi
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Lace Me Up (Look 1)

Flowy off-shoulder dress, with lace-up back+ bell sleeves. Need I say more? Loving the girly yet edgy details on this dress that makes IT. Hair did in a half top bun to keep the length, but sleeked the top bun to align the edginess of the dress. Perfect for those summer days leading into the night, top with a light jacket or fedora top hat.




IMG_5906 (1)



Location: Catalina Island

Photos taken by: AC

Buttercup Dress 

Shop all the latest designs in cute dresses — like pretty maxi dresses, sexy bodycon dresses, and sequin dresses — or other cute clothes like flirty crop tops, essential bodysuits, and chic jumpsuits & rompers. Happy online shopping! #shoptobi





All I Ever Need Maxi Dress c/o : Tobi
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Cage Me Up (Look 2)

Simple classic maxi dress in the front, strap caged details in the back. Perfect maxi dress for any occasion, baring minimal skin with extreme details. Let the hair flow down making the cage detail peak with each movement. Perfect for summer days leading into nights, can be worn with crop tops to achieve different looks with one dress.




photo (1)




Location: Isthmus Cove (Catalina Island)

Photos Taken by: AC

All I Ever Need Dress 

Shop all the latest designs in cute dresses — like pretty maxi dresses, sexy bodycon dresses, and sequin dresses — or other cute clothes like flirty crop tops, essential bodysuits, and chic jumpsuits & rompers. Happy online shopping! #shoptobi


thehalaway sunnies of the moment:



Modern Metal Crossbar Mirrored Sunglasses A145 – ZeroUV


Baby You’re a Dimepiece


DIMEPIECE is the most prevalent contemporary street style in women’s apparel through an arrayed presentation of uninhibited fashion-forward street wear. Empowering the fashion industry with a lifestyle comprised of GIRL POWER and leading-edge street style. Dimepiece is an international style source and lifestyle brand that unequivocally encourages charismatic street style and unapologetic boldness in women’s apparel, Attracting a global community of tastemakers, artists and powerhouse women alike.

– Dimepiece LA


I fell in LOVE with Dimepiece when I first spotted their bold oversize unisex styles. One of my style staples are my oversized tops, ever since Julia Roberts came out wearing that oversized yet perfectly fitting white mens’ shirt. Oversized tops can be over-looked yet styled in so many ways. The best factor is its’ style with ease, comfortable chic at its best for anywhere. The usual “suck in” technique is not needed to look properly sexy. Bold prints and colors accentuate the sexy tone to it. There are many types of oversized clothing, find the one that matches your body and be patient, it will find you soon. So experiment a little, and be patient.




I had the opportunity to successfully partner up with Dimepiece’s production team to contribute towards the construction of their classic styles (a few shown above). As a fan, it was truly a humbling yet pleasurable experience to work behind the scenes of each design. I gained much respect for the lady bosses at Dimepiece. Their passion & vision entices ladies to express themselves freely + be unapologetically them. Empowering women and spreading feminism around through each bold statement piece + verbiage quote at a time.

Enjoy my Dimepiece lookbook as much as I had shooting it.

Fun fact: This was my “first” blog photoshoot, so excuse any awkwardness. V memorable day for me and my photographer, driving around to look for a cute place to shoot and got rerouted by Waze and discovered this treasure in the corner of the heart of LA.







Baseball button up. Black marijuana leaf printed tank tucked in high waisted denim shorts. Sporty sexy vibes with black knee high socks revealing minimal skin.





Outfit Details:

Dimepiece Baseball Button Up, SOLD OUT OLD (similar here)

Mink Pink Distressed High Waisted Cutoff Denim Shorts

Asos Black Knee High Socks 




Mesh Panel Coverall. Don’t mind if I do a semi cover-up in this super sexy get-up. Contrasted bold logo on the front and a sexy mesh all over. Long enough to wear as a one-piece and worn best when layered, especially at the beach. Layered under dark denim shorts & a caged strap bralette for the innocent peep show. Contrasted with black knee high socks + white beanie playing with monochrome colors throughout. Made this easy beach cover up into a streetstyle hipster uniform.








IMG_4900 (1)


Outfit Details:

Dimepiece Mesh Panel Coverall old, (similar here)

Caged Bandage Bra, Ebay

Abercrombie & Fitch High Rise Dark Blue Denim Shorts , old (similar here)

Asos Black Knee High Socks 



Minnie Trip Oversized Tee. Childhood nostalgia at its best with a dope +trippy expressed Minnie Mouse on this statement piece. A cross between a oversized tee + onesie making it the best of both worlds. Horizontal athletic stripes on the sleeves with a yellow contrast on the front gives it great balance on this black canvas tee.






Outfit Details:

Dimepiece Minnie Trip Oversize Tee , old (sold here here)

Abercrombie & Fitch High Rise Dark Blue Denim Shorts , old (similar here)

Asos Black Knee High Socks 



Kicks on Fire

Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred  

History time from Nice Kicks:

The Air Jordan 4 Bred was released in 1989 with a $110 price tag.While wearing the Air Jordan 4, Michael Jordan reached new points in his career. Taking home another scoring title with 32.5 points per game, Jordan also appeared in the All-Star Game, First Team NBA, and All-Defense. This year was one of Jordan’s best season despite no championship. Most memorable moment was “the shot” which was a series winning shot at the buzzer to advance the Bulls to the next round in a do or die situation against Craig Ehlo and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Read more 



Sunnies of the Moment 

Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses , Not-trying-Too-Hard- Sunglasses 


All Images taken by: Toki.Bae



Walk with Nature


Update of my life 6.16.16 (so many 6’s ><)

Just got back from my Miami trip a shade darker, Miami was beautiful despite the tropical weather of hot + humid + rain . First for many memories, walking on soft white sand beaches, stepping into the Atlantic Ocean, strolling down Miami Beach, soaking in the Cuban influences of Espanola Way, eating authentic Cuban food, mesmerized by natural everglades, and the highlight of my trip was my 5-day cruise to Bahamas from the Port of Miami.


Ready for the Night Dress c/o : Tobi
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We all need to unplug now and then! Everyone needs & deserves a break time to time, studies show we perform better when taking sufficient breaks. After my trip, I realized how important it is to go on a vacation and unwind from the usual. Whether going on a vacation or mini-getaway, its healthy for your body + soul to let loose and love yourself. Not having wi-fi for 2 days on the cruise gave me great anxiety but I soon surrendered and and enjoyed talking to random strangers on the boat and it felt so good. Engaged in many meaningful conversations with people we meet all over the world on the cruise , and gained a second home in different parts of the world.

 More deets on this trip on my next post!! Giveaway details on way bottom🙂

* COMING SOON! Bahamas trip series on Youtube! In the works of putting together a Travel/Lifestyle Youtube channel separate from my personal one with my partner in crime AC. 



Went through the Everglades on my last day. Local airboat guided us to into the wetlands & sawgrass marsh where we were able to see natural wildlife. Expected to see alligators, turtles, birds, and fishes and saw all the above except alligators (only saw sleeping alligators -_-). My alligator yearning was met with a alligator show, exhibits, and a beautiful park where I saw many different reptiles. It is a must when in Miami and costs less than $30!! Check them out!


Wandering around the Everglades in this cute + romantic number. Cornflower pastel blue open back dress. Loving the romantic lace details in the back with a single delicate lace in between. Comfortable fitting sleeves and classic V-neck silhouette to make this one not so basic. Comfortable + cool texture dress for a summer day/night. My go-to summer throw on dress. 



Location: Miami Everglades

Photos taken by: AC

Oufit Details:

TOBI Ready for the Night Dress

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thehalaway shoe obsession of the moment:



The Leni espadrille = summer shoe goals.  Clean white canvas + braided rope trim makes it the obvious go-to pair for the summer. It’s wine o’clock anywhere, spreading fun vibes with bold prints screaming “Rose ALL DAY” on each shoe makes it fun to wear with anything.

Sam Edelman Rose All Day Espadrilles 


Spreading warm summer love through a giveaway!
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Superhero Me



If you’re a superhero strife lover like I am, you probably fantasized yourself as a superhero. You in that killer uniform, cool/catchy name, and possessing ultimate super powers. As youngling, I’ve had these creative thoughts ever since I watched my first Batman vs. Robin (George Clooney version). My super powers have upgraded as each superhero movie came out including only the good not the bad.




Living in DTLA (downtown LA) there are a large amount of skilled street arts in almost every corner. While visiting my best friends building I stumbled upon this masterpiece. Captain America Civil War was painted on the wall!! It was pure epic masterpiece! Not just one superhero but a whole squad of them. I was overcome with acute nostalgia of my superhero wishing days and shot this look.




Superhero Me– My superhero uniform will be my comfy chic T-shirt dress. Effortlessly chic + easy-to- wear with a touch of edgy wrapped around in a soft leather harness. Thigh high socks to keep my legs warm and protected.  Grungy chic moto combat boots to kick doors down and fight crime all day. Bleached blonde hair to attract. Repping GRILLED CHEESE, my strength booster like (spinach to Popeye) simple because nothing like carbs + ooey gooey cheese can’t fix. Topped off with mirrored sunglasses so them villains can’t see me and reflect on themselves.









Location: DTLA

Images by: AC

Outfit Details:

Private Party Grilled Cheese T-Shirt OLD (similar here, here, and more choices here)

Jakimac Wrap Around Harness 

American Apparel Cotton Thigh High Socks

UNIF Crank Buckle Cleat Ankle Boot 

ZeroUV Inner Rimmed Mirror Coated Flat Sunglasses










Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls… accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction… Chemical X ..thus the Powerpuff Girls were born- Powerpuff Girls Narrator



Festival Chasers~ Always Me Clothing x TheHalaWay

Festival season en route! Boho season is upon us, exuding strong force of the flower crowns, fringes, tassel-embellishments, kimonos, cut off shorts, rompers, and moderate flares. We’re talking about festival fashion and disregarding mother nature for a bit. Festival chasers will follow suit with these boho-inspired collections keeping it traditional, but don’t forget to add that signature amazing element of your own! I curated a lookbook with Always Me Clothing with a touch of theHALAway and put together some boho-carefree looks and let out my inner festival goddess out, hope these inspirations will get you in FORMATION.

It’s COACHELLA ~ELLA ~ELLA ~EH ~EH ~EH ~EH (in my most Rihanna voice)

Always Me is a Los Angeles based online boutique specializing in fun + effortlessly chic  California-inspired style, better known as home of Coachella. Get inspired by the looks I have curated playing though their chic collection, it was tough one choosing a few but stay tuned for more looks in the future, Always Me will Always Be on my list >.<


My Fave Style Piece

Ivory Fringe Trim Semi Sheer Long Knit Cardigan


(enjoy code THEHALAWAY30 for 30% off sitewide) 


Urban Gypsy Princess (Look 1)

Blush peach soft knit crop top paired with classic high waisted distressed denim shorts. A classic summer staple for Angelenos alike. Topped with a flowy cream floral kimono that makes the outfit romantic yet girly. Floral head crown for the ultimate urban gypsy princess. 






Outfit Details:

Always Me Clothing all the way

Peach Blush Soft Knit Crop Top

Cream Floral Kimono

High Waist Distressed Denim Shorts

Retro Round Sunglasses 



Boho Chic Princess (Look 2)

Blush peach soft knit crop top paired with classic high waisted distressed denim shorts. A classic summer staple for Angelenos alike. (same as Look 1) Opted for an ivory fringe trim sheer long knit cardigan for that extra bohemian flair. My Always Me favorite style piece was this cardigan exuding that bohemian touch in every outfit.  Boho chic princess in full swing.








Outfit Details:

Always Me Clothing all the way

Peach Blush Soft Knit Crop Top

Ivory Fringe Trim Semi Sheer Long Knit Cardigan (MY FAVE)

High Waist Distressed Denim Shorts



Flirty Babydoll (Look 3)

Like fresh spring flowers, this Floral Tiered Babydoll Dress makes it easy to look good. Neon pink lace up back details make you stand out in the crown. Perfect to dance all day in as the tier layers of the dress flows with you. Flirt on babydoll! 








Outfit Details:

Always Me Clothing all the way

Festival Flirty Floral Lace up Back Tiered Babydoll Mini Dress



Good Fucking Vibes all the Way (Look 4)

Good Fucking Vibes all day every day! Express yourself with Always Me’s infamous dolman blue dip-dye top. The sweet blue dip-dye, seashell graphic, and loose dolman sleeves give the right amount of beachy vibes to any outfit. Pair it with everything in your closet and this will be your go-to summer staple top.  Paired with classic high waisted distressed denim shorts.  Bohemian flair added with my fave  ivory fringe trim sheer long knit cardiganPreach Good Fucking Vibes everywhere you go!





Outfit Details:

Always Me Clothing all the way

Good Vibes Dolman Dip Dye Top 

High Waist Distressed Denim Shorts

Ivory Fringe Trim Semi Sheer Long Knit Cardigan (MY FAVE) 



Festival Chaser (Look 5)

Just throw on this Embroidered Crochet Lace Open Shoulder Lace Up Tunic Dress and you’ll be ready to go. Spread the groovy love in this boho-chic detailed number, and dance to your favorite music all season long. No accessories needed except for a simple braid or flower crown. Lead the festival chasers with this simple yet chic tunic. 







Outfit Details:

Always Me Clothing all the way

Embroidery Open Shoulder Lace Up Tunic



White Belle (Look 6)

Classic Coachella statement outfit. White crochet lace bell sleeve cold shoulder tunic top paired with classic high waisted denim shorts. Fine crochet trim details that make this top so special and unique. Easy breezy for the desert or beach all summer long. 



Outfit Details:

Always Me Clothing all the way

White Cold Shoulder Lace Bell Sleeve Tunic



Rebel Vixen (Look 7)

Black is always the new black. Be the rebel vixen amongst all the white floral girls surrounding you. Black Delicate Lace Wide Bell Sleeve Off shoulder top with cinched waist to elevate your look. Intricate details with the floral crochet lace with an adjustable tassle tie. Perfect for any day on anything. 








Outfit Details:

Always Me Clothing all the way

Black Delicate Lace Bell Sleeve Off Shoulder Top

High Waist Distressed Denim Shorts


Location: Joshua Tree National Park

Images taken by: AC


thehalaway shoe obsession of the moment:



  The Dicker Ankle Boots

The standard-bearer for insouciant Parisian chicness, Isabel Marant launched her easygoing Étoile diffusion line in 1999. Dispensing with formality, Marant creates comfortable, relaxed styles with the collection’s deconstructed shapes.



      UNIF Crank Buckle Cleat Ankle Boot 

Turn it all the way up in the Crank Boot.

Double strapped moto-inspired ankle boot with squared toe and chunky 2.5″ heel.

It’s Time to Put My BIG Girl Pants On

Put on your big girl pants and deal.” J.R. Ward, Lover Avenged


Yeah, life sucks sometimes and never smooth sailing. Obstacles are put in our life’s way to see if they are worth fighting for. We need to grow up and realize we are capable of great things if we set our mind to it.

As one great woman reminds us, “Pour yourself a drink, Put on some lipstick, and Pull yourself together“- Elizabeth Taylor.

What better way to put on my Big Girl Panties than with my Big Girl Pants..

thehalaway style staple, effortless comfy-chic is represented at its best with these outfits. The haute hippie + Woodstock fashion is back. (Yaas!)  These palazzo wide flare pants takes me to acute nostalgia of the 70s, when my parents were my age. Flare and wide leg bottoms highlights a women’s curves of the body, as the bell bottom makes your waist look smaller in proportion. Proportion is key when wearing your pants to balance out the styles, I would recommend an off shoulder top, tunic, crop top, or structured shirt. Dig your parents closets or get yourself a pair because this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Let your free-spirit exude with ethereal comfy-chic style of palazzo flare + wide leg pants.



thehalaway lippie obsession of the moment:

Limecrime Velvetine Bleached – Inspired by rose petals, Velvetines go on liquid and dry to a velvety-matte finish. Touch-proof, transfer-proof & utterly addictive! Certified cruelty-free and vegan to add frosting on this lippie. Becoming a true addict to these Velvetines…and can’t wait to get my hands on more. Loving Limecrimes’ CEO/Founder Ms. Doe Deere’ mission to create makeup for everyone who expresses themselves unapologetically like herself.





Flirty (Look 1)

Vibrant blue+pink paisley wide leg trouser pants paired with a simple black off the shoulder ribbed crop top. Showing minimal skin with a fitted black crop top to balance out structure of the long flare pants. A statement maker all on its own, with its wide flare silhouette and woven fabric making it the perfect comfy-chic combo. High waist detail makes it the perfect match to pair with all your crop tops, simply making it your summer go-to pants. Silver tone accessories to keep the outfit cool and easy.





Location : DTLA Arts District

Photos Taken By: Toki.Bae

Outfit Details:

Love Culture Black Off the Shoulder Ribbed Crop top 

Wasteland Vintage High Waist Wide Leg Trousers (similar here, herehere and here all on sale) always me pants

Always Me Cool Silver Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Missguided Ankle Strap Silver Cleated Flatform OLD (old, #UOonyou similar one SALE here)

Kate Spade Navy Blue Doctor Satchel Bag from Kate Spade outlet  (similar here, here, and  here)





Girly (Look 2) Girly vibes with this floral printed soft beige tone palazzo pants. Complete with a flowy crochet laced open shoulder top. This duo makes palazzo pants girly and romantic with its’ flowy silhouettes. Neutral sexy vibes with white, beige, and brown colors throughout. A silent but deadly statement maker with soft colors for everyday casual wear. Ethereal beauty with pink & white flower printed all over the pants. Silver tone accessories to keep the neutral cool tone overall with minimal jewelry as always.






Location: Silver Lake

Images taken by: Toki.Bae

Outfit Details:

Always Me Crochet Lace Yoke Cold Shoulder Top , sold out (similar here & here)

Zulily Open Gates Tan & Floral Palazzo Pants  

Wasteland Vintage Brown Western studded Crossbody bag (similar here & here)

Always Me Burgundy Wool Fedora , sold out (similar here)

Aldo Gold Platform Sandals , old (similar here )

ZeroUV Cat Eye Sunglasses 



Vita Pieno di Allegria

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” – Alexander the Great


My second post of 2016 is a bit more personal than my usual forte. I made a promise to myself to bring continuous zealous content to my blog for yall and myself; which I feel as I haven’t done enough (stay tuned for more 🙏). I’m happily stressed to be a part of different projects that I can share with you soon (YAAS). Gaining new responsibilities and roles is   scary yet a great challenge to grow within ourselves. Not too long ago I was filled with overwhelming doubts of having too much on my plate. After having self-reflection/discipline my normal positive-self reminded me to believe in my own future and there shouldn’t be a limit to anything…

Amid overcoming from my personal obstacles, sadly my grandmother passed away. I believe she went to a better happier pain-free place. I want to dedicate this post to my grandmother who always cheered me on and believed in whatever I did. My #1 (tying alongside with my mom-grandmother) cheerleader and mental supporter, who loved life and loved watching us grow into ourselves.

My grandmother was a mother to 8 children and 15 grandchildren. She passed wisdom and humor down to her children who I am blessed to have passed on to me. My grandmother and I developed a strong bond that is difficult to say in words as how much she meant to me. My grandmother loved life, loved her family, loved flowers, and loved God. My grandmother taught me to be patient, kind, and to exude lady-like elegance wherever I go. She was able to overcome personal challenges as a first generation immigrant, whom paved the way for our family to be able to grow our roots in the states. I will forever carry her wisdom and grace, and to be patient and positive to all things. I pass on my grandmothers’ life lessons to my friends and to you all to Be Cheerful. Live. Laugh. Love….

할머니 사랑해





Allegria – Cheerful!

Fell in love with this Kerol D Allegria Oversized Sweater Dress. Comfy chic at its best, adoring everything oversized giving more room for a fat lunch + dinner + dessert. The oversized fit isn’t bulky but flattering and making your bottom look slimmer, proportioning out the silhouette of the dress. White stripes on the sleeves & bottoms of the dresses exuding the easy + sporty feel. Fringed sleeves like extra icing on the cake, oozing the free-spirit/boho vibe which this brand represents. ALLEGRIA (meaning Cheerful in Italian) verbiage is written across the dress which completes this statement piece all on its own. Blacked out with black knee high socks with lace up booties. Carried Rebecca Minkoff Studded Messenger clutch to add to my street grunge #ootd , toned out with a cool blue mirrored sunnies from ZeroUV. **#staytuned for Giveaway details on Instagram!!



Location: Sunset Hotel

Images taken by:  Toki.Bae

Outfit Details:

Kerol D Allegria Oversized Sweater Dress, (oldie) check back to see their cool clothes

Wasteland Thrift Shop find, Lace Up Heel Booties, (oldie), (similar here and here)

Rebecca Minkoff Silver Studded Crossbody, (oldie) (same found here and here)  tons of cute goodies on the website

ZeroUV Indi Retro Mirrored Sunglasses 9621

Black Knee High Socks, Ebay steal